Board Members

Founder/ Director and Pastor: Linda Chamagne
In 1997, when the Lord set me free from many destructive behaviours, I received the experiential knowledge of His love for me. From then on, my heart’s cry was to be used by Him to share that truth and love with others without hope. When the Lord impressed upon my heart the vision of the Bridge “to meet the people where they’re at and accept them as they are” for God’s body to share His unconditional love, it was an answer to my prayers. My passion is to see God’s Kingdom come right here, right now! To empower and release those in our community and beyond, with God’s hope and purpose. I am continually blessed and honored to serve in this ministry.

Brad Redecop

Chair: Brad Redekopp
I love what God is doing to bring the church of Saskatoon together in order to carry out His vision of unity and care for the people of the inner city. Using my business and leadership skills, it has been my pleasure to serve and provide leadership on the board for many years. In return I have learned many things about God through the people of The Bridge and my life has been significantly impacted in a positive way!

Board Member: James (Jim) Davidson
"God has provided me with grace and gifts that I use for His glory. My career in business has provided significant experience in leadership and management that are fully transferable to my role as a Director of the Bridge. At this stage of my career I have the gift of time as well as talent and I have found that when these gifts are given freely I am blessed many times over. When I see the results of the efforts of the ministry team and volunteers of the Bridge I know that I am where God wants me to be."

Board Member: Colin Enns
I am thankful for the opportunity to serve as a board member of the Bridge. Through authentic relationships, God has used this ministry to demonstrate His loving compassion. I pray that God will continue to use the Bridge as a connecting site for all those who desire to experience God’s ever-present love.

Board Member: Steven Wilson
I have a heart and passion for The Bridge because I see how the ministry combines the practical (“if you love Me, feed My sheep” from John 21); and the spiritual (“go into the world and make disciples of all nations” from Matthew 28). With The Bridge, I see something local and immediate. Being a Board Member at The Bridge feels like a good fit, as I have my legal training and experience on previous boards and organizations. It is exciting as well as challenging to be a part of the future of the Bridge ministry as I serve in the direction that the Lord is leading.


Board Member: Amanda Dodge
At seminary, God opened my eyes to His heart for people who experience marginalization and oppression. He called me to be a lawyer for people living in poverty, which I have been able to do with various legal aid services for over 10 years. It is a privilege to serve The Bridge, a ministry that shares God's love and creates a safe and supportive space for marginalized people.