Ministry Team

Founder/ Director and Pastor: Linda Chamagne
In 1997, when the Lord set me free from many destructive behaviours, I received the experiential knowledge of His love for me. From then on, my heart’s cry was to be used by Him to share that truth and love with others without hope. When the Lord impressed upon my heart the vision of the Bridge “to meet the people where they’re at and accept them as they are” for God’s body to share His unconditional love, it was an answer to my prayers. My passion is to see God’s Kingdom come right here, right now! To empower and release those in our community and beyond, with God’s hope and purpose. I am continually blessed and honored to serve in this ministry.
Floor Manager: Luis Estrada
It has been a privilege for me to be part of The Bridge Fellowship Centre. For many years I have served in this ministry using various skills and I have had the opportunity to meet many people with diverse backgrounds. Seeing beauty in all of God’s people, I have been blessed to passionately serve and it is my desire that Christ will be known in our community.

Accountant/Bookkeeper: Funso Oderinde

It is a privilege to be a part of the team at the Bridge.

I have accounting and banking background. I am also involved in church planting and mission work both in Canada and Africa. 

Shepherd/Spiritual Formation: Greg Pearson
Next to the Holy Scriptures, Melody Green's book "No Compromise" has affected me like none other. I will never forget the first time I read it - I couldn't stop weeping. I wept over her husband's untimely death, his passion for Christ, and his hunger for the lost. Deeply convicted, I prayed a secret prayer that day. I asked the Lord to send me to the streets of our cities because I desperately wanted to impact them for Him. Thirty years later, and my prayer has been answered. I am so grateful to my Lord for the privilege of serving at the Bridge and at the Passage House Ministries.
Leadership Team Administrator: Luisa Marcal
The Bridge is a wonderful organization located in the heart of Saskatoon's inner city community. I am privileged to serve in the area of Administration.  It has always been my passion to “add to the ministry” by facilitating the vision through organization, workiing with a vibrant staff team, communication through media, meeting new people daily and  serving the Lord in any way possible.
Volunteer & Donations Coordinator: Addie Stewart
It is an honour to be part of this community and to work with people who volunteer their time, energy, and gifts to serve. It has been especially rewarding seeing volunteers find meaning in the work they are doing and appreciating it as an opportunity to put their faith to action. I see that God is transforming ALL as we encounter Him together through this ministry – which gives me deep joy!

Community and Donor Relations: Kerry Reimer
The Lord has given me a passion to serve those who struggle to live without hope; overwhelmed by the desperation of addictions,  systemic homelessness and daily chaos. I find that working at The Bridge fulfills my heart’s desire to discern what God is doing and to join Him in the work of ministry to those in the greatest need. I am very fortunate to be the facilitator of Community and Donor relations for the Bridge. It is a role that allows me to connect and communicate with a wide variety of people; growing relationships and creating awareness of how The Bridge is working to bring shalom to the inner city.

Men’s Ministry Leader: Ian Mochar
My wife and I are excited to see the heart of the Lord as He expresses His love for His people. As I work with the Men’s Ministry, it is exciting to see men healed, restored and freed. I am grateful to be a part of a community who brings hope to the hopeless and I sincerely appreciate those who partner with the Bridge to serve God’s people.

Women’s Ministry Coordinator/ Give-Away Room Coordinator: Sandy Gerard
I am thankful that I get to join God in his activity. As I watch God bring healing to peoples’ lives, I experience positive results at the Bridge. Whether listening to a mother and her struggles, or listening to an elderly person speak about their past, I receive fulfillment and blessings by being a part of an organization that serves using different gifts.

Youth Ministry Leader/Worship Ministry Leader: Ryan Falk
My wife Randi and I have the privilege of leading the youth ministry here at the Bridge. Our heart is to see God’s kingdom come in Saskatoon and to see the lost and broken come to Jesus here they will find rest. It is also our desire to see the church united, alive and radiating the glory and power of Jesus. It is through intimacy with Jesus that our lives are transformed and we desire for the youth of our city to become passionate lovers of Jesus who impact the world around them.
Kids Club Coordinator: Jill Peacock
For over a year now I have been volunteering with the kids club at The Bridge. I have so enjoyed getting to know the kids that come out and to take part in the feeling of family we all share on a Monday evening. I have lots of love for them, but more than that I want them to know how much Jesus loves them so that they can take that hope home to their families. I desire to see these kid's lives transformed by God's love so that they can transform the world they live in. Plus we just have so much fun together!


  Kent Peters
I have been on the ministry team at The Bridge since October of 2012. The Lord began to stir my heart for the people living in the 20th street community many years ago. Before I came on to the team I was in prayer and told the Lord I wanted to serve Him, and be used by Him. As things fell into place I transitioned from carpentry work to being the kitchen coordinator at the Bridge. Blessed be the name of the Lord!