The Bridge Testimonials

“I suffered from depression and drug/alcohol abuse, suicidal thoughts were enveloping me. One day I just couldn’t take life anymore, so I cried out to God and was given the opportunity to live at the Passage House. So I took it. This was the smartest decision I could make. Because of God’s grace I’m now living an awesome and happy life. I wouldn’t trade this for anything. I serve an awesome God!”

- Joshua (Passage Resident)

“Hi, my name’s Nathalie. I’m 15 and I’ve always kind of had a close relationship with God. But when I was in the 6th or 7th grade I was told some pretty awful stuff… Stuff like God doesn’t love you; you aren’t good enough to be a child of God, etc. Being so young I was confused and hurt, I took a step back. I stopped going to church, and pretty much everything. Life got harder. I walked into high school hating myself and depressed. I spent my whole 8th grade like that. In the summer of 2015, I was introduced to an amazing guy named Dalton who brought me to a youth group one night. At that youth group I met my awesome youth leaders. They’ve shown and taught me through experiences like SOAR missions some amazing things about God and what he can do. Those words spoken upon me are not true. I am a child of God and He does love me. Since having God back in my life I’ve been a lot happier, and pretty much always smiling. I’m very thankful for all the people that God has brought into my life.”

– Nathalie (Youth)

“I love coming to The Bridge to get away from problems I have at home. Everyone is so understanding and are there to help when you need help or someone to talk to. I've met so many people who care a lot about me and I'm never going to give up!”

–Tammy (Bridge Visitor)

“I think The Bridge is an awesome place for people to meet and get to know God and his children. The staff is very helpful and willing to sit and talk with people when they need it.”

– Roy (Bridge Visitor)

“At The Passage, I learned the value of work. Volunteering taught me to bless others through my work, refined my work ethic and challenged me to learn how to do trivial jobs for God. I committed my life to God and my faith grew by hearing testimonies of others, discussing the Bible and listening to other’s perspectives on scripture. Being surrounded by Christian role models has been so valuable! I know I am changed. I am learning to put others ahead of myself. My views have shifted and I feel hopeful. I can see a positive future ahead of me. I’ve also come out of my shell and find myself to be more social. The internal change that God has done in me, enabled me to reach goals I made when I first moved into The Passage. I just got my license back and have set up payment plans to climb out of debt. I have gained independence and maturity. I remember being confronted with truths and weaknesses in my life that I didn’t want to acknowledge. I wanted to quit (leave The Passage). I went for a 3 hour walk along the river- God showed me what was truth and what were lies. I knew what I had to face. God reaffirmed my Identity in Him and gave me the courage to keep going.”

– Dan (Former Passage Resident)


My first interaction with The Bridge was when I was dropping some of my Dad's clothes off after he had passed away. I was handed a homemade card to say thanks and it caught my eye because making cards is something I love to do. I held it and thought, 'I wonder how God can use little ol' me, a stay at home mom who loves to bake and make cards'.

I looked at my kids and thought 'all children need to feel valued and loved. Every kid needs to be told that the day they were born was a great day and should be celebrated'. I called and asked if I could bring cupcakes to Kids Club each month and celebrate all the birthdays of that month. The smiles on the kid's faces when I walk in the door brings a smile to my heart. But when a child came up to me and said, "I've never been sung Happy Birthday to" I almost wept. I want every child to know that the day they were born is a reason to celebrate and that God loves them!

My 2 kids come with me and love it. They are learning to listen to other people's struggles that are different from theirs and pray for them, accept everyone for who they are and where they are. We all want to feel useful, loved and accepted. Sometimes it is the little things, like cupcakes, that bring the biggest joy to your life.

- Melanie


My favourite part of serving at The Bridge is the opportunity to develop relationships with the community. I love being able to get to know the people and their families. God has taught me many things through serving here. He's taught me about commitment and consistency and how they play a part in loving people and reaching out to them. He's taught me to see others in the way that He sees them; whether lost or found, they are His.

- Preston


When I first came to volunteer at The Bridge, I was blessed by the fellowship of the staff and other volunteers. After a few months of being here, God has grown in me the understanding of His grace, his love for humility and the blessing it is to serve in a place His Spirit is at work. I look forward to the continued fellowship and growth that God is blessing me with through serving at The Bridge.

- Dave


God brought me to The Bridge and I know that it is for a reason. Through serving here, God has been stirring in my heart the hope of revival in Saskatoon. I can feel the presence of God at The Bridge and I pray that others will feel it too, and through an encounter with His Spirit, that many will repent and believe in Jesus! I always look forward to coming here and I am excited for what God has planned!

- Bose


The Bridge was my first choice for my Nursing practicum because of my faith background. I've sensed God's presence strongly here through the prayers and fellowship of the staff team.

- Shalla


I volunteer at The Bridge because I enjoy being part of a ministry that directly and practically serves some of the most needy people - those the Lord Jesus came for.

- Terry


I had always seen The Bridge, either walking or driving by, but I never knew exactly what went on here. By the grace of God, I've been able to give a couple hours a day to this amazing place! Just like Jesus treated the rich and poor, these doors are open to everyone. May the Lord continue to have His hands over this place, and many more like it.

- Michelle

Enns Family

God gives good gifts through friendships built in love. At The Bridge we see Him knitting together unlikely friends through love and service. Our family has been blessed by the friends God has given us through The Bridge. These kind of friends are forever.

- Enns Family


I volunteer at The Bridge because it’s more than people coming for soup or coffee. It’s about building relationships and valuing lives.

- Michael


I retired from 35 years of civil service and have been volunteering at The Bridge each week, on Wednesday mornings. It’s great to work with a group of volunteers that’s like a family and we have a lot of fun as we peel lots of potatoes & carrots and serve a lot of coffee. I also really enjoy the interaction with The Bridge visitors. Aside from the time I spend at The Bridge, I also enjoy fishing, camping and auto repair.

- Dave