June 2017

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Luke 7:18-23 The Baptist in Prison…

Discouragement and Doubt – if we are honest they happen to all of us. They happened to John. The cousin of Jesus, the baptizer of Jesus, and the one who was not worthy to untie the shoes of Jesus. John, the one who introduced the lamb of God to the world, the man who was content in second place – the man who knew he was to decrease because Christ’s ministry had to increase, that man was now in prison for confronting Herod about his adulterous relationship. In the darkness of prison John forgot what he knew at one time to be true in the light. Discouraged in his circumstances, John sent his visiting disciples to Jesus. He had a message for his Cousin. He wanted to know if He was really the Messiah (v:19). Jesus put on a healing clinic and then quoting from Isaiah (a text John knew well), He told John’s disciples to tell John that the miracle’s they had just seen were more than enough for John  to know that indeed He was the one! Whatever we are facing today – discouragement, doubt, or worse. Please, do not forget in the darkness what you KNOW to be true in the light. On perhaps the worst day in history – the day Jesus died, on that day the darkness lasted only 3 hours. Will not our darkness pass too. Do not forget in the darkness WHO you know to be true in the light.